About KPT

Welcome to Krikorian Premiere Theatres

Krikorian Premiere Theatres is one of the world's grandest theatrical exhibition companies, with locations throughout Southern California and more to come. KPT® is the leader in modern yet elegantly refined megaplex-style theatres.
Who says KPT® is the Premiere Purveyor of Great Moviegoing Experiences?

Concession area In fact, our customers have told us they prefer "the nicer theatres like Krikorian" so they can enjoy a more upscale moviegoing experience -- like the days of grand, old Hollywood elegance. That's why KPT® continues to create theatres with style so we may invite our guests to Experience the Elegance™ that continually makes Krikorian Premiere Theatres rise above the rest. The company's reputation for excellence can be seen in everything from little-known architectural and design details like imported Travertine stone floors, to exclusive theatrical carpeting and custom-made lobby furniture designed just for KPT® theatres, or to handmade, Murano crystal chandeliers direct from master craftsmen in Italy. According to our customers, the art of moviegoing is back, and the purveyor they choose is Krikorian Premiere Theatres.
Groundbreaking ideas, proven transformations

KPT® gives its moviegoers theatres with both excellence in architecture, style, & design AND customer service so that they always feel welcome to experience the elegance of true moviegoing magic, the way it's supposed to be. The results have been huge as well. That's what allows KPT® to continue to grow and expand -- because of a time-tested brand our customers love.
The KPT® Mission

KPT®'s Mission is to provide the best possible moviegoing experience, and to do that with excellence in design, style, technology, management, and customer service that, when combined, create the perfect atmosphere in which one may Experience the Elegance. Simply put, the KPT® Mission has driven us to set higher standards for performance that bigger, national chains attempt to follow. These are just a few of the reasons why our customers' preference for excellence in design, style, technology, management, and customer service is what keeps KPT® in "top of mind" when choosing the best movie-going experience.
Our Amenities

Krikorian Premiere Theatres feature state-of-the-art amenities already well-known to Krikorian moviegoers, including:
  • Stadium seating auditoriums with 18-inch risers for optimal sightlines
  • Digital projection providing the clearest picture for your movie-going experience
  • Krikorian's exclusive Digital 3DX technology
  • The Premiere Club – earn rewards for being a loyal Krikorian customer
  • Wall-to-wall curved screens (for virtually perfect focus on every inch of the screen)
  • Krikorian's exclusive Ultra-Plush rocking-chair-style seating, featuring additional legroom and padded beverage holder armrests that lift up so that guests may sit closer together
  • High-speed, elegant concession stands featuring a variety of high-quality products including real butter for your popcorn and many other premium concession items
  • Digital sound featuring Krikorian's exclusive Klipsch KMX sound system
  • Automated Ticket Kiosks for easy purchasing and advance ticket pick-up as well as online ticketing
  • Credit cards are accepted at the concession stand, and box office
  • Krikorian's signature Premiere service
Experience the Elegance™

Theater seating KPT® moviegoers never experience a movie theatre that is just four walls with seats. Again, we believe that providing picture-perfect performances, high quality on-screen entertainment, and fast and friendly service are the norm and naturally KPT® delivers those. KPT® has listened to its customers who believe it's time to forget the cattle-call, "mob" atmosphere of impersonal megaplexes and who are ready, instead, to experience the elegance of a bygone era…today in a Krikorian Theatre. Evidently, we hit this operating philosophy right the first time with our first theatre. Now, we're perfecting it in ever-new and exciting ways. Because movies continue to be one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment, KPT® is committed to delivering excellence through an experience of elegance our guests have come to expect and enjoy.

Simply put, the art of moviegoing is back. And its name is Krikorian Premiere Theatres.

"Where Moviegoing is Always a Premiere Event."