Premiere Club





K logo About The Premiere Club

Krikorian Premiere Theatres is proud to introduce The Premiere Club. Customers will be rewarded simply for enjoying the premiere movie-going experience they deserve.

By signing-up to be a Premiere Club member you will earn points for the money you already spend. Club members will be rewarded with free vouchers for popcorn, candy, movie passes and more!

The benefits don't end there. Premiere Club members can also look forward to:


  • Exclusive contest opportunities
  • Birthday surprises
  • Much more!

Rewards Schedule:
Points Reward
50 Small Drink* OR Small Popcorn
100 Small Drink* OR Small Popcorn
150 FREE Movie Pass**
200 A Medium Candy
250 Small Drink* OR Small Popcorn
300 FREE Movie Pass**
350 Small Drink* OR Small Popcorn
400 Small Drink* OR Small Popcorn
450 A Medium Candy
500 TWO FREE Movie Passes** and a Medium Combo
* Small drink vouchers only valid towards a fountain drink

** Movie passes are not valid for No Pass/Special Engagements or Special Events