Private Events - FAQs


Q: I'm interested in renting an auditorium, what do I need to do now?
A: Please fill out our Online Auditorium Rental Request Form and an Events Coordinator will contact you to go over the details of your event. 

Q: Do all Krikorian Premiere Theatres offer Auditorium Rentals?
A: Yes, although the facilities available vary depending on location. 

Q: Can I book and pay for an auditorium rental online?
A: Unfortunately all rentals must be booked through an Event Coordinator and then payment will be made directly to the theatre location of your event. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of attendees that can attend?
A: Each theatre has different size auditoriums which can hold between 98 and 477 guests. The limit to the number of your attendees will depend on the size auditorium that is booked for your event. For a list of auditorium capacities by locations please click here (links to locations). 

Q: How far in advance must I book an auditorium rental?
A: Please allow a minimum of 10 business days in order to reserve an auditorium rental. Please remember that the sooner the event is booked, the more time there would available to coordinate and plan the event. 

Q: How is the price of my rental determined?
A: Pricing for all auditorium rentals is determined based on the day of your event, time of day, length of the event as well as what you will require for the event. Please note that each rental is quoted on a case by case basis. 

Q: Can we see an older movie that is no longer in theatres?
A: Yes. For an additional fee, older movies may be requested and can be reserved based upon availability of the print. However, depending on studio restrictions, not all films are available for private showing. 

Q: What time of day can I rent an auditorium?
A: We offer rentals 7 days a week from as early as 6:00AM until the closing of the theatre at 11:00PM. Please note that some days may have limited schedules due to holidays. 

Q: When is the most inexpensive time to rent a theatre?
A: Generally speaking, weekday mornings. 

Q: How do I pay for my rental?
A: All rentals must be paid in full atl east 5 business days prior to the event. Payment is made directly to your theatre location. Krikorian accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash or business check for payment. Purchase orders and personal checks cannot be accepted. Coupons, passes or discount offers of any type will not be accepted. 

Q: What is included in the price of my rental?
A: The price of your rental can include usage of the auditorium along with usage of equipment and purchase of concessions items. Each rental is unique and all items included in the price of your rental will be detailed on your Invoice Agreement once a reservation has been placed. 

Q: Will I be able to test my presentation on the screen prior to my meeting?
A: Yes. Once a reservation has been placed and full payment has been received, a Krikorian Events Coordinator will setup a test prior to your event. Testing will be done at your theatre location using like equipment. 

Q: What if I need to cancel?
A: If you need to cancel an event, you will be charged a fee once payment has been received for the event. If the event is cancelled one (1) week or more prior to the event date, 15% (a minimum of $100) of the total amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the event is cancelled less than one (1) week prior to the event date, 50% (a minimum of $100) of the total amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. Krikorian is more than happy to accommodate changes to the time or date of the rental at no additional charge, pending availability and ample notification. 

Q: Are we able to bring in outside food into the auditorium?
A: Yes, pending approval by the Events Coordinator & theatre management staff. 

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