Birthday Parties - FAQs


Q: Do all Krikorian Premiere Theatres offer Birthday Party Packages? 
A: Yes, although the services and facilities available vary depending on location. Some theatres do not have a party room and thus are only able to offer the Star package. 

Q: How do I found out what services, facilities and packages are available? 
A: Please click here to see a list of our theatres and the ammenities they offer or you can contact our Event Coordinator at 

Q: Can I book and pay for a birthday party online? 
A: Unfortunately all parties must be booked through an Event Coordinator. Payment must be made directly to the theatre location of your party once the reservation has been placed. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of attendees that can attend my party? 
A: Each location has their own maximum number of attendees based upon their party room capacities. For Star packages we have a theatre-wide maximum of 40 guests though some additional restrictions may apply depending on film. 

Q: Can I bring in my own food or cake into the party room?
A: Of course, with our Director and Producer packages we welcome you to bring in any food you would like to offer at your party. 

Q: Can I bring in my own decorations for the party room?
A: We welcome you to bring any decorations you would like to place on the tables or to have in the room. Please note that we do not allow customers to tape anything on the walls of the party rooms. If you have any specific requests please feel free to speak with the Events Coordinator when placing the reservation for your event. 

Q: Will seating in the auditorium for my party be reserved?
A: Yes, we will reserve seating in the auditorium for as many guests as are in your party. Seating can be anywhere inside the auditorium, though the reserved seating is usually defaulted to the first row of the stadium section. 

Q: Does it cost more to do a party in the evening vs. during the matinee hours?
A: All Krikorian Premiere Party Packages are offered at any time during the day and remain at the same price. 

Q: Can we see an older movie that is no longer in theatres?
A: Unfortunately not, all Premiere Parties occur during one of our regularly scheduled shows in our public auditoriums. This does however mean that any movie that will be playing at our theatre at the time of your party would be available. Some restrictions may apply as to the availability of packages for select films. 

Q: Can we see a 3D movie with our party package?
A: Of course, though an additional surcharge will apply per person for any Digital 3DX feature. 

Q: How far in advance do I have to reserve the party date and time?
A: Please allow a minimum of 5 business days in order to make party arrangements and confirm details with the Event Coordinator. Saturdays are the most popular days, so plan well in advance. 

Q: What if I need to change the date/time of my party or cancel my party?
A: We are more than happy to accommodate changes to the time or date of the party at no additonal charge as long as there is availability. If you would like to cancel your party there will be a $75 cancellation fee after your deposit has been placed. If you plan on cancelling please contact the Events Coordinator as soon as possible so your party time can be available for other customers. 

Q: Is there different pricing for adults and children? Who is included in the final headcount?
A: The pricing is the same for adults and children. The day of your event a final headcount is taken of all guests in attendance, including all children and adults. Please note that children age 2 and under are free and that they would not receive 3D glasses for a Digital 3DX feature. 

Q: Can guests come to the party portion and not go to the movie?
A: All guests that are present in the party room during that portion of the event are considered to be part of the final headcount and would be charged the full package price. Customers are welcome to come just for the party portion, but they will still be charged the full package price even if they decide to not attend the movie. 

Q: How do I pay the deposit on my party? How do I pay the balance the day of the event?
A: All payments are handled directly at your party theatre location. Once a reservation has been placed we ask you to visit the theatre location within 3 days to place a deposit of 50% of your estimated total. The remainder of your balance is paid the day of the event based on your final headcount. The theatre can accept cash, Mastercard or Visa for all payments. Purchase orders and personal checks cannot be accepted. Coupons, passes or discount offers of any type will not be accepted. 

Don’t see your question here, please feel free to contact our Events Coordinator with any further questions you may have at