Krikorian Premiere Theatres
KPT Expands Recycling Efforts

Torrance, CA - Krikorian Premiere Theatres (KPT) first began their green efforts by removing 35mm projectors and converting all auditoriums to digital projection.

"We had already taken a big step by removing 35mm film from the equation," said Todd Cummings, VP of Operations, "but we wanted to find different ways to do more for the environment."

KPT chose to partner with Business Waste Management who did a thorough audit and analysis of the waste streams, volumes and service levels at each Krikorian location. While most locations were already recycling, new strategies were implemented at all locations to not only cut waste, but cust waste expense by 40%.

"Everyone wins in this situation," said Kathy Walsh, owner of Business Waste Management. "Krikorian cuts their costs, we get to add another satisified customer to our list and KPT's environmental impact is reduced."

About Krikorian Premiere Theatres

Always on the cutting edge, KPT is one of the few all-digital theatre chains in the United States. Out of its 90 screens, 24 are equipped with KPT's exclusive Digital 3DX system. KPT customers enjoy clear, sharp, saturated 3D images on screens as large as 60-feet.

George Krikorian, owner and CEO of KPT, continues to expand and build theatres that combine luxurious surroundings with a high-tech environment.

About Business Waste Management

Business Waste Management is part of a nationwide network of associates auditing the solid waste disposal services for Southern California businesses. Through its cost recovery and expense control process, Business Waste Management reduces the cost of solid waste disposal and recycling for business owners with improved processes, effiency, and latest technologies.

Kathy Walsh

Business Waste Management, Owner
O: 760-249-4044